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Benefits of Electrolysis:

  • Electrolysis has the strongest and most consistent track record in comparison to every other form of hair removal or hair reduction.
  • Due to electrolysis treating the hair follicle it can treat any type of hair- it does not need to be a specific type of hair for the treatment to be effective. 
  • Minimal after- treatment care: most people only experience minimal discomfort for the short time of the treatment only. There may be slight inflammation or redness but this will only last a short amount of time.

“Have really noticed a huge difference since having electrolysis, the girls have been really helpful, and I’m very pleased with the outcome”


Electrolysis is a permanent method of hair removal however to achieve this it can take several sessions. We use disposable materials and a full range of professional hygiene products to ensure your comfort and safety.

Electrolysis is most commonly used on smaller areas such as the lip, chin and any other unwanted facial hair. This is because you only work on a small area of hair per session. So treating a larger area of unwanted hair on the legs for example would take considerably more sessions.

What happens during an electrolysis treatment?

  • A detailed consultation is carried out on the first appointment.
  • The area that is going to be treated is sanitised.
  • A new probe is used for every client these are sealed in a sterile pouch and opened in front of the client.
  • The probe is inserted into the hairs follicle; this does not pierce the skin as it enters the skin in its natural opening. A low current is applied for a few seconds. The probe is then removed and we try to remove the hair with tweezers. If the hair does not slide out we may need to treat that hair once more, the current would then be increased for the other hairs to find the correct working current.
  • After all the required hairs are removed, an aftercare lotion is applied to soothe the skin. The lotion will also prevent any infection to the treated follicles.
  • Aftercare advice is given.
  • Aftercare lotions are available in retail size for homecare use.